SeedIt – The TRX application that is taking everyone by surprise

Twitter users can now send each other TRX payments with one Tweet

In the midst of a heavily bearish crypto market and a new low 2018 TRX price, a new TRX app has emerged this week that has taken the TRON community and indeed the entire cryptocurrency community by surprise.

This app is called SeedIt and it allows any Twitter user to send TRX payments (called ‘tips’) to another Twitter user by simply sending them a Tweet. Considering the size of Twitter’s engagement – 335 million active users per month – the revolutionary potential of this application simply cannot be overstated enough.

Being able to pay or tip any user with TRX immediately incentives mass adoption of TRX given the right marketing. Example of such scenarios could include musicians with millions of online followers being paid directly for exclusive releases and bloggers or content creators being paid in real time for in demand content. In fact the possibilities are endless. Indeed, the TRX community has already started the marketing campaign for this app with #OperationTronStorm that has seen the TRX community sending TRX tips to celebrities like Kanye West, Ellen de Generes and even the Pope.

While the TRON community is busy developing dApps for its mainnet, SeedIt is applying a two throng approach by targeting one of the internet’s most popular existing social networks.

Getting started with SeedIt is also extremely simple, with users only needing to log in to SeedIt with their Twitter account to start receiving or sending TRX.

TRON SRC ‘cryptoguyinza’ has created the following tutorial video below that shows just how simple it is to get started with GoSeedIt.

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  1. Great article! But I noticed that you guys still have your old erc20 address shown. Should probably change to the new Tron address, could be missing out on donations

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