Build your own website and pay with TRX!

Panther DIY Website Builder accepting payments with TRX

DIY Website Building is a large industry with companies such as Wix, WordPress and Weebly becoming household names. One such service is Panther, a DIY Website Builder that claims to be one of the easiest ways to build a website. Panther recently announced that they have begun the process of accepting payments in crypto-currency and have initiated with two crypto-currencies, namely Ethereum (ETH) and Tronix (TRX).

The company’s blog post says: “Panther DIY Website Builder is now accepting a new payment method: Cryptocurrency! Besides the standard methods of payment by Credit Card or Paypal, Panther members  now have the option also to pay in either Ethereum (ETH) or Tronix (TRX). We have started with these two cryptocurrencies as these are two of our favourites and we believe in the long term future of both projects.”

You can visit Panther DIY Website Builder below:

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