GoSeedit: How can I send and receive Tron tokens on Telegram?

Startersguide: Everything there is to know about GoSeedit, sending and trading tokens on Telegram.

A complete guide with all the information about GoSeedit: general information about Tron & GoSeedit; How do I make a GoSeedit wallet on Telegram?; And how do I trade or send tokens to my wallet or my friends? Everything is explained in simple steps below.

1. Background information about Tron & GoSeedit

GoSeedit Now allows you to send crypto via Social Media!

A few weeks ago, the developers from GoSeedit introduced a tool that makes it easy and possible to send tronnetwork tokens (cryptocurrencies) through each other by using social media. Currently only via Telegram and Twitter. However, this will be extended in the future. Because the whole crypto world is very enthusiastic about this, there are several giveaways on both Twitter and telegram. With this, they also hope to get non-crypto people enthusiastic. For example, many tokens have been sent to popstars.

What is TRONIX (TRX)? 

Tron is a coin that now has its own blockchain network that you can view on Tron scanNote This means that you can’t send your Tron (TRX) to a Ethereum Wallet. Tron is an incredibly, beautiful project that focuses on decentralizing the internet. Tron focuses on a large target group for online games, movies and music and social networks. GoSeedit is a good example of this. Because Tron has its own network, there are also many new tokens that are available and being sent around (like in this giveaways, also called ‘Airdrop’ rains). There is a lot of information to be found about Tron, about their future plans, their vision and the use of the token. If you ask me Tron is definitely worth to check. Then decide for yourself if Tron is worth an investment or if your prefer to sell the tokens you got. Tip: Start by following the official social media of Tron Foundation and their community to make sure you’ll always be aware of new updates.

For beginners..

For the beginners, if you want to collect tokens you use a Wallet (Your digital wallet) to store your tokens safely. In order to send transactions in this case, you make use of social media or the Tron scan. For this you get a Public wallet Adress (that’s like a type of bank account number) and a Private Wallet Adress (Your password, the key to your wallet that you do not share with anyone) And if you want to trade the received tokens, you use a Exchange. On the exchange you can then convert the received tokens to TRX or Ethereum and exchange it back to dollars.

2. How do I create a Tron Wallet on Telegram by using GoSeedit?

Meanwhile, Tron fans developed a wallet for telegram. This Botwallet allows you to send your tokens to others, save them, view your balance and also send your tokens to exchanges or another wallet. Note: If u want to save the tokens, I advise u to save the tokens on a more safe Tron Wallet. Most people don’t use a login in for telegram. So anyone who uses your phone would be able to see the private key from your GoSeed wallet. This I will explain below as well.


Step 1: Create a telegram account.
Create a telegram account if you don’t already have one (and set a NICKNAME so it’s not linked to your Phone number). Telegram is the ‘ Whatsapp ‘ of the crypto world. It’s used for many communities and token projects to discuss things with people around the world.

Step 2: Create a (GoSeedit) wallet by using telegram
First send a message to this Goseeditbot by typing /start. This will automatically give you a public and private wallet address. This will also allow other people to send you tokens on telegram. If it worked properly you will get this response from the bot: “Welcome To Seedit” . Sometimes it may be that the bot is a bit lethargic. Then type /start again or try again later.

Step 3: Congratulations, your wallets is now active and others can send you tokens, but what else can the bot do?

The functions of GoSeedit on Telegram.

-Help: When you press “Help?” You get a brief explanation of how you can send tokens to others. Please note: To be able to do this you have to have at least 1 TRX in your wallet to pay the transaction fee. 
-Address: When you press “Address” the bot will show u your Public Wallet Address, as mentioned earlier this is the address where you and others can send tokens too (like your bank account number). The bot also offers you the possibility to change the deposit address, to make it possible that the tokens u receive go directly to that wallet. However, u won’t be able to send your tokens around immediately by using telegram. 
-Private Key: When you press on “Private Key” the bot will send u your ‘Private Key’ this is the key to open your wallet and send transactions. This is like a password, u don’t share it with others and make sure u store it somewhere safely. With this key you can log on Tron Scan and purchase or send tokens to another address. Note: never share your Private key with others and make sure u BACKUP your private key, so u can still acces  your wallet when your telegram account get’s blocked or lost. 
Balance: If you press ‘Balance’ you will find an overview of all the tokens that are in your wallet. 
-Airdrops: This button automatically gives you an overview of the last 10 “Airdrops” or free coin giveaways that u have received in one of the Tron Community Chats.

3. What can I do with the tokens I received on GoSeedit?

Although there are also some tokens between all the tokens u will receive that are less serious or maybe even ‘ fake ‘. There are also beautiful projects in between. Just like with all other cryptocurrencies, you will have to determine your own strategy. You can keep the tokens (in the hope that they will be worth more) this is called in crypto ‘Hodlen”. You can also trade or sell the tokens. And last, of course, you can also send the tokens to your friends as a thank you for a good tip. Below I will explain how this works.

A. Hodlen — Send your tokens to a reliable Tron Wallet

How to create a Tron Wallet by using TronWalletMe?
 1. Download the Tronwallet App in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
 → Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tronwallet2
 → IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tronwallet-mobile/id1412536016?ls=1&mt=8

-For a list of all Tronwallets (for also desktop and IOS) check out the official Tronwebsite. The steps therefore will be similar to those described below. Each wallet works in broad lines the same.

2. Open the application on your device and choose a pincode: If u installed the wallet and open it, u will need to choose a pin (it’s like your password, rather not easy to guess).

3. Save your SEED: You get to see some words this is called ‘Your seed’. Make a screenshot of this, or write down these words. Save the ‘seed’ somewhere save on a usb or your computer. You will need this later if you want to have access to your wallet. Of course you also do not share this with anyone.

4. Submit your SEED: Show that you saved your ‘Seed’ by clicking the words in the correct order as in the screenshot.

 5. Congratulations, Your wallet is now active!

The next step will be, to send the tokens from your GoSeedit wallet to your new TronWalletMe wallet. This will be explained below.

How do I send the tokens from my GoSeedit wallet to the new Tron wallet?
1. Go to the website of Tronscan (Always Check If this is the right link, the official website you don’t want to accidentally log into a fake website)

 2. Go to the GoSeeditBot and click on the button “Private Key”. The bot will answer with a message which contains your private key. Copy your private key fully.

 3. Click on “Open Wallet” in the upper right corner of the menu at Tron Scan and enter your private key and click on “Sign in”. You will get instant access to your wallet. 

 4. Click on “Wallet” and then “Account” and get an overview of your wallet. In the picture you see what everything means.

Overview of your account information in your wallet via Tronscan.org

5. Click “Wallet” again and then “send” and check in the picture below which information u need to submit for the transaction.

How to send tokens via TronScan?

6. Open your Tron Wallet via Android and choose “Receive” and then “Share” you will then see a QR Code with underneath a address. This is your public wallet address. Copy your wallet address (make sure you copy it completely) this is similar to a bank account number, so otherwise it will not arrive.

How to find your Public Wallet Adress on TronWalletMe.

7 . Submit the copied wallet address at Tron scan in the section under “To”.
8. Choose a token from the list you want to send.
9. Choose a quantity you want to send or click on “max” and send all tokens you have of this “token type”.
 10. Verify that you have entered everything correctly, and then click send.
 11. The transaction is then processed this may take several minutes.
 12. The tokens are then automatically added to the overview in your new tron wallet.

2. Rewarding your friends – How to send Tron tokens to others on Telegram by using GoSeedit?

GoSeedit is of course developed with the idea that it is fun to easily reward your (crypto) friends with a number of tokens. For a good tip, to help each other, or just because it can. How does this work?

1. Check if the @GoSeeditbot is added to the telegram group where u want to send tokens to others. For example: The Tron Collectors chat, where u can also trade your tokens.

2. To send a transaction, you will have to pay transaction fees. Unfortunately, this can only be paid with TRON until now. This means that you must have at least 1 TRX before you can send tokens (a transaction costs 0.1 TRX).

3. A simple way, ask in one of the giveaway communities whether someone wants to tip you TRX so you can make transactions Otherwise you will have to buy TRON via a broker or exchange. A guide for this u find here.

5. Once you have at least 1 TRX received in your GoSeeditWallet (Bot of Telegram) you are ready to send your first tip.

6. If u want to send tokens to others. U need to send it as an reply. It doesn’t work by mentioning the name. To reply to a message click in the message, right in the corner on ‘Reply’ . Then type /tip (number of tokens). The tokens u will send are then TRX. If you want to send another token type /tip (number of tokens)(token name) Please note this should be as a reply.

 –Example of sending TRX: /tip 10 (you send 10 TRX)
 -Example of sending other tokens: /tip 10 LoveHearts (you send 10 LoveHearts)

7. The Bot repeats this “Mrs Tipped (name) 10.0 LoveHearts” So you are sure that the transaction was successful.

Rewarding your friends with Tron Tokens.

3. Trade — Sell or trade your tokens first against Tron, then against Bitcoin or Ethereum, then u can buy a other token or trade it for dollars.

Most of the tokens u will receive in the airdrops, are start-ups. This means that the tokens aren’t listed on a exchange yet. Therefore the only way to trade is by using Telegram. A new feature on the GoSeeditbot makes it possible to trade directly. This is called peer2peer trading, u will place an offer and other people can agree with this offer if they like it. The price is determined by the demand.

Before u go trade in one of the trading channels on Telegram, keep these things in mind. There are people that abuse the trading system, by using fake names or fake tokens. Always check if the name of the token is typed correctly. In some chats, bots and admins help to keep the channel trustworth. So if u want to trade, use one of these trusted channels below:
Tron Collectors
CyberTron DEX

1. Place a offer like this: #sell [amount tokens] [full token name] for [amount of tokens] [full token name]-#sell 10 CyberTron for 10 TRX

2. Wait for someone to reply u with /trade.

4. If both parties accept a trade, the bot will automatically create the transactions.

There are also functions to make a automatic offer (if you want to keep selling the same offer) and to offer more trades is one message. See the picture below.

If you have any questions about the use of GoSeedit. You can visit the Support group: Https://t.me/GoSeedit

Overview of all the PUBLIC functions from GoSeedit in Telegram

Do not hesitate to send me a message if you have questions. @MrsCryptoFreak on both twitter and telegram.

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