Tronsformer Launches

Tron and TRX news, resources and community website now live

Tronsformer has launched its new TRON and TRX news, resources and community website. The site aims to be a hub of all things related to the TRON platform and its TRX token. Some of the website’s features are as follows:

Latest TRON and TRX news

Tronsformer will endeavor to update the community with the most relevant latest news.

Analysis articles

Tronsformer will provide expert analysis on all things TRON related.

Live TRX price

Live TRX prices can be viewed on the Tronsformer homepage as well as most other pages and articles. This is done via the Coinmarketcap API. Simply refresh the page to view the price again.

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Other TRON resources

Tronsformer provides readers with a whole lot of other TRON resources such as: Automatic TRX price notifications sent to your email, price calculator, market graph, the TRON Twitter and Reddit feeds, and all official TRON account links from their website to Medium page.

Discussion Forum

Tronsformer has a slick and beautiful discussion forum for the TRON community. Get started now. The site even has its own public chat room.

Tronsformer Discussion Forum

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