TronTokens Guide: Earn free TronTokens

The TronTokens Guide explains everything about TronTokens. What is TronTokens, Their products and goals, but also a guide about how to get some free Tron Tokens in their daily airdrops.

What are the goals of
The accessibility of the Tron blockchain is a great strength, it makes it very easy for developers to start a token including a ICO to raise the funds needed for their products. On the other side, it makes it very easy for investors to buy any token without the need of KYC and big minimum caps. The down side of this accessibility is the immediately grow of Tron Tokens, and the quality is very divergent. From tokens with a funny name, till scam projects, but behind this there are also interesting projects.

That’s why Trontokens launched their idea to make a change and take a objective position in the Tron Economy to protect Tron Investors again scam tokens and help interesting Tron projects with promotions, to make the TRON Community more secure. To achieve this they have two tokens, the TronTokensContributor (TTC) which is being used on their platform. And the TronTokensGuardian (TTG) a reward u get for voting on their platform.

The platform
To achieve this goals they developed a few tools to both help the Tron Investors as the Tron Projects. Like on this website u can find any Tron Token with all the basic information from Tronscan. Project scan also update this information and add events/news. The main function of the Trontokens platform is to categorize the Tron Tokens in “SAFE” and “Dangerous” or “Scam” so investors know which projects they can trust. This is based on a few criteria, but mostly on the votes from the Tron Community. So every Tronfan can help vote, to help others determine the safety of a token.

TronTokens Telegram Bots
Trontokens also developped a few telegram bots which are very popular on the Trading Channels. The Trontokensbankbot, can give u all information about every Trontoken. The TrontokensGuardianBot protects trading channels, by calling out scammers who are trying to sell (copycat)scam tokens. They also have a blog, and a telegram bot that displays the blogs and the upcoming events.

Free tokens are given away in a STORM weekly
In the Event Room of Trontokens, projects are allowed to donate tokens for promotions. Every week their will be a big STORM where alot of different tokens are being airdropped to real active users by their own telegrambot. Which is more attractive for projects then GoSeedit that rewards anyone.  For u this is a great oppurtunity to earn some free Trontokens, to be able to participate follow the steps below.

How do I participate in the STORMS of Trontokens and earn some FREE Tron Tokens?

Step 1: Sign up on TronTokens
Go to the website of Trontokens and click on “Sign up” to register a account. Submit your personal info and click on “Validate”.

Please note: Your Tron Public Address is your Public Wallet adress, it’s like your bank account number from the blockchain. If u use GoSeedit, talk to the bot and click on “Address” to view your public address. A Tron Public Adress always starts with a “T” and has 34 characters. Always double check your address. S

Step 1: Sign up on the platform.

Step 2: Activate your account
After clicking on “Validate” u will receive a mail in the inbox off the e-mail u registered with. To confirm you’re the owner of e-mail adress, go to your inbox open the e-mail and click on the “activating” link.

Step 2: Confirm your e-mail and activate your account.

Step 3: Connect your telegram to your Trontokens account
First send a message to the Trontokensbankbot hand ask for your telegram ID with the command: #showmyid u will get a answer with a few numbers. Copy those numbers, this is your telegram ID.

Go back to your account on and click in the header on submenu “BOT” paste your telegram ID here, and click on “Link”

A message will show “Your account has been linked with telegram”

Step 3: Connect your Telegram to your TronTokens Account.

Step 4: Submit your Tron Public Wallet Address to the Trontokens Airdrop bot
Send again a message to the Trontokensbankbot with the command #wallet [YOUR TRON PUBLIC WALLET ADDRESS] to save your address. Make sure u copy/paste your public wallet address fully.

For example: #wallet TJXmJUYLjbpLLFumsuLeZTxp252sEUMMij

The bot will answer with a message: “New Wallet: “Your address”.

Step 5: Submit 50 votes on and earn 50 TronTokensGuardian (TTG) and be active in the event channel.
To be eligble to receive TronTokens from the Storm, u will need to have to do two things:

  • Be active: Join the Event Room and be active in the channel. Airdrops are determined by the the hours of the last activity of the user. So make sure u stay active to miss never a (weekly) STORM. Only VIPS don’t need to be active to receive the tokens from the STORM.
  • 50 TronTokensGuardian (TTG): U can earn TTG by voting on the the safety of Trontokens. For every vote u will receive 1 TTG. So u will need to make at least 50 votes to earn 50 TTG.

Before u start voting, keep in mind that Trontokens platform is being used to evaluate tokens and help others to determine if a token is worth investing in and not a scam. So before u make a vote do a little research. Or choose some projects u are sure that are ‘fun tokens’ and don’t have a real team/usecase and vote them down.

How do I vote on the TronTokens platform and earn TTG?

There are two ways to vote, u can vote by using the telegram bot TronTokensBankBot or u can go to the website and submit your votes there. I will explain below the steps to vote by using the Trontokens website.

Step 1: Go to the Trontokens platform and login with your e-mail and password.

Step 2: Choose a token where u want to vote on, u can choose to vote that a token is “safe”, or choose to vote on a token as “not safe

  • Vote “Safe”: +1 confident vote for the project.
  • Vote “Not safe”: -1 confident vote for the project.

U can use the search button, to search on the token name or go in the upper screen to “no data” in grey and u will get a list of tokens that are don’t have enough votes to be in the category “safe” or “scam/dangerous”.

In this example we will start with voting “Safe” on TronTokensContributor” to give the developers of some credits.

Step 3: Search in the searchbar on “TronTokensContributor” a new page will open with the information to vote on the token.

Step 2-7: Search for a token and submit your vote.

Step 4: Click on the button for your vote “NOT SAFE” or in this case “SAFE”. U will see the color changing of the button u have chosen.

Step 5: Check the box “” I validate my vote”.

Step 6: Click on “Submit my vote” after this u will get a confirmation message in green with the tekst: “Your vote has been submitted”. This means your vote has been succesfully, and u earned 1 TTG for your vote.

Step 6: Submit your vote and earn 1 TTG.

Step 7: Show your votes, in the Trontokens platform u can click in the header on “Reviews” this will give u a list of the tokens that u (de)voted on. It will also give u information about how many TTG u received so far. Remember that u will need to make 50 votes, to get 50 TTG to be eligble for the free tokens. So repeat the steps above till u received 50 TTG. U can choose to sell/trade the TTG, or HODL the tokens.

The overview in your account about the reviews.

Step 8: To check if u have enough votes easy send the command #showmyvotes to the TronTokensBankbot The bot will answer with your number of votes, which should be at least 50.

Congratulations, if u followed all steps above and earned 50 TTG and are active in the Event Room, u will earn some free TronTokens. Don’t we all love this?

Enjoy the TronTokens platform and happy hunting!

Want more information about Trontokens? Check their accounts and information here.


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